Jeff Bezos rocket toy for sale at $69

Jeff Bezos rocket toy for sale at $69

Blue Origin, a business founded by Jeff Bezos is selling a toy model of the rocket for $69 which is 1/66th the size of the real spacecraft Jeff Bezos rocket toy for sale at $69.99. 

Because of its phallic design, the New Shepard rocket – a semi-reusable spacecraft that shot Bezos and his co-passengers barely beyond the boundary of Earth’s atmosphere last month – has been mocked Jeff Bezos rocket toy for sale at $69.

Now, in November, Blue Origin’s merchandising partner Estes will release a tiny scale duplicate of the rocket as a toy model, capable of launching up to 400 feet (120m) in the air, for a suggested price of $69.99 . 



Where can I get a Pre-Order?

  • Those who favor the other space millionaire, Sir Richard Branson, who recently flew only a bit lower and earlier than Jeff Bezos, will be disappointed to learn that the model is currently unavailable on Estes’ website. It is also unknown whether Estes will sell other popular rockets in the following model.
  • Pre-orders for the new Blue Origin model rocket are presently being accepted. In November 2021, it will likewise be widely available. Click here to get your hands on the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket, which is a little awkward Jeff Bezos rocket toy for sale at $69.

Blue Origin Rocket by Jeff Bezos

  • According to Mashable, the shape appears to be rather odd. Estes is a retailer of model rocket engines, parts, kits, and other items. Estes offers a unique new product that is designed to look like the new Blue Origin rocket!
  • According to reports, the new item is a duplicate of Blue Origin’s upcoming New Shepard rocket. The aircraft appears to be remarkably similar to the one that brought Jeff Bezos, the creator of Blue Origin and the world’s richest man, to space Jeff Bezos rocket toy for sale at $69.

Shepard Rocket Gets a Makeover

The model’s packaging also includes a postcard for kids to “draw or write their concept of how they envisage the future of living in space and how rockets will affect humanity,” according to reports.

These cards, according to the statement, will be emailed directly to Club for the Future, a Blue Origin-founded NGO, and will be launched into orbit on a New Shepard rocket.

“As a one-of-a-kind keepsake, the postcard will be returned after flight with an official ‘Flown to Space’ stamp,” it said Jeff Bezos rocket toy for sale at $69.


Fans of Jeff Bezos’ sexualized spaceship may now acquire their own scaled-down model — for a suggestive price of $69.99 — as if the image of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket launch wasn’t already burnt into our collective retinas.

The toy, which is 1/66th the size of the New Shepard and can launch up to 400 feet in the air, is made by Blue Origin marketing partner Estes, a manufacturer of high-quality model rockets and launchers.

Last month, the billionaire Amazon entrepreneur was on board for his rocket’s first space launch, reaching 62 miles above sea level before returning to Earth on a jet-powered rod.

“Estes is honored to collaborate with Blue Origin to bring a piece of history to life.

Estes, a model rocket company, has released a small version of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spaceship, which starts at $69.99.

The toy, which is currently available for presale ahead of its November 1 release, costs $69.99 for the rocket itself and an extra $40 for the launch pad, controller, and single-use engines needed to make it fly.

Last month, millionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, along with crew members Oliver Damen (far left), Wally Funk, and brother Mark Bezos, launched Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket for the first time (far right).


“It, too, after discharging the capsule, falls through the atmosphere under a massive parachute to gently touch down,” according to Estes. The Estes New Shepard, like the Blue Origin New Shepard, can be flown repeatedly.”

A promotional film, available on YouTube, shows the New Shepard and its miniature in action side by side. The real action, though, took place in the comments area.

Gizmodo Information

According to Gizmodo, one spectator joked, “My sister has one of them in her drawer.”

Pre-orders are already limited to 5 units per buyer, indicating that Estes expects the rocket to fly off the shelves.

According to the press release, each package also includes postcards from Bezos’ Club For the Future foundation, with instructions for the collector to draw or describe their own vision of the future and mail it back to Blue Origin, which plans to send the sack of cards into space before returning it to the sender with the seal “Flown to space” stamped on it.

The Washington Post contacted Blue Origin to inquire about the model rocket’s availability on, as well as whether site moderators have a process in place to deal with the barrage of jokes in the product reviews.


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