SpaceX 33 Raptors Installed on Booster, Ship 24 updates, NileSat 301, SLS Wet Dress, NS-21

Another jam packed week of Space goodness. We are only days away from hopefully having the FAA Assessment delivered.

Monday the 13th assuming no further pushbacks, and all signs are good so far. SpaceX now has all 33 Raptors Installed on Booster 7 (static fire soon we hope),

Ship 24 updates with Raptors now being installed as well after successful cryo tests (and thrust puck stress test we think).

Updates across the board today from Starbase in Texas, Starbase 2 over at the Cape, and some great insights directly from SpaceX

Another Falcon 9 takes to the skies, sending NileSat 301 into orbit. SLS rolled back out for its second attempt at a full wet dress rehearsal.