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The Best Telescope For Viewing Planets and Galaxies>8.42x45x24

 It’s designed to be a powerful yet portable telescope with a cost-effective option that’s perfect for beginners.

The Celestron 8.42 x 45 x 24 Intelliscope

The telescope comes with an owner manual that provides step-by-step guidance on how assemble your new Celestron 8.42 x 45 x 24 Intelliscope Telescope

These accessories include 4 eyepieces, 2 Barlow lenses, 1 diagonal mirror diagonal mirror and a tripod mount.

Important accessories for your telescope

.For professional astronomers and stargazers, this telescope may be lacking when it comes to advanced features like a two-axis 

What are its weaknesses?

But what if you wanted to view planets and galaxies in a completely different way? You could use a telescope to look at them through space-time

The Best Telescope To View Planets and Galaxies

 length, width, and height. It’s also called the fourth dimension because it’s often used as an analogy for time. Space-time is also another word for the universe.

What is space-time?

Different telescope types have different capabilities and levels of magnification. There are also different types of telescopes

What can you see with a telescope?